No more Long & Complex Interview Process

Interview Platform

Gain the flexibility to involve your internal panel members in the interview process, through our platform, leveraging our optimized workflow to conduct interviews effortlessly. This ensures a comprehensive and efficient approach to hiring, resulting in valuable feedback for confident decision-making

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Track the progress towards objectives with key results

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Create Job Description

Recruiters attach Job description to initiate the interview process

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Attach Candidates

Recruiters attach candidate resume and the AI engine picks the most ideal panel members for interviews

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Manage Interview

Efficiently manage end to end interview scheduling

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Actionable Feedback

Hiring team assess feedback & receive insightful candidate performance

One-Stop Solution

Smart solutions, real-time results

Cultivate a collaborative approach by working seamlessly with internal panel members and stakeholders, ensuring a unified and efficient hiring process. With the Screenit Interview Platform, gain confidence in selecting the right candidates for a prosperous future. The enhanced candidate experience, marked by a smoother and well-organized interview process, leaves a positive impression on candidates, reflecting well on your organization


Select those who grasp your culture and values for interviews


Simplified process from scheduling to evaluation, saving time and effort


Faster, more effective hiring process for quicker position fulfillment


Leverage interview insights for informed candidate selection

Integrate Screenit with your ATS Faster & Better

Automate your workflow with our integrations

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