FAQs Interviewers

  • Why should I be part of Screenit?

    Screenit will help you earn compensation in your free time, by utilizing your hidden potential of being an Interviewer.
    It is also for the below reasons:

    • Part of next-gen hiring tool

    • Flexible interview schedule

    • Automated process for interviewing

    • Maintaining strict privacy policies

  • How can I be part of Screenit?

    Screenit is a user-friendly platform which allows you to be a part of the team by simple steps

    • Register

    • Specify your skills

    • Complete the skill assessment test

    • Specify your availability for conducting interviews

    • Complete Interviews

    • Get Paid

  • Do I have to be a Screenit employee?

    No, Screenit drives on freelancing model and you can conduct interviews at your leisure time. Apart from your primary work you can tap on extra bucks!!

  • Who is eligible to become an Interviewer?

    Subject Matter Expert with knowledge in one or more domains will be eligible to be an Interviewer. Based on your technical skillset, a quick online assessment will be conducted.

  • How do I Sign up for Screenit?

    Simple two step procedure,

    • Enter your Name & E-mail ID

    • Enter your Mobile number

    • Set Password and your all set to go!

  • What is the technical skill self-rating?

    Your technical skill is the key factor on the Screenit platform. You will have to rate your skills on a scale of 1 to 5, for the system to evaluate.

  • Why is introduction video required?

    Introduction video helps the organization to know about your technical skills, related work experience and inter-personal skills and also helps the organization to generate interest towards your profile.

  • Is it mandatory to complete my profile?

    Yes! Completing more than 80% of the profile will qualify you to be on the hot spot in the Interview panel.

  • Where can I set my availability (Date/Time) to conduct Interviews?

    Do follow these simple steps to add your availability

    • Click on Availability tab

    • Select your available date and time

    • Click Add availability button

  • Is that mandatory to mark my availability (Date / Time)?

    Yes, it is essential to mark your availability though it can be changed under uncertain times. Scheduling of interview can happen only if availability is marked.

  • Is it mandatory to take the assessment?

    Yes, it is mandatory to take the assessment to become an Interviewer. Assessment is based on the skills specified by you.

  • How will the interview happen in this platform?

    Once the interview is scheduled by the organization, the Interviewer and Candidate will receive a unique Meeting id on their registered Email IDs with meeting links.

  • How should I conduct Interview?

    The interview will be conducted through recorded Video call session. Professional environment and approach are mandated throughout the same.

  • Can I schedule interview at my available time?

    No. Organization can only schedule the interview based on your preferred scheduled window.

  • Is it possible to cancel the scheduled interview?

    Yes. Interviewers are allowed to cancel the scheduled interview for unforeseen situations and can opt for rescheduling.

  • How will I share the Interview feedback to the organization?

    Interviewer can take notes through whiteboard option available in the meeting room. Also, they can share comments and feedback through Feedback option in application.

  • What if my Interview gets disconnected?

    Any Technical glitch / connectivity issue can cause a schedule delay/disruption; however, all the meetings are recorded and once the connectivity is resumed you will be able to continue with the interview.

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