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Our intelligent interview platform eliminates the need for time-consuming interview administrative tasks and provides access to a pool of expert interviewers for unbiased assessments .

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Why Choose Screenit?

We have grouped to bridge the gap between organisations, candidates, and interviewers to create a seamless hiring experience.


Intelligent Platform

Experience enhanced hiring process effortlessly through Screenit's Smart Interview Platform


Marketplace Interviewers

Tap into a broad network of marketplace interviewers to secure top talent with insightful feedback


Auto Scheduling

Boosting candidate join ratios through enhanced engagement, enriched experience, and personalization


Interview Insights

Gain a competitive edge in recruitment through comprehensive interview insights

Revolutionize Your Hiring Journey Today!

Experience Effortless Hiring with Screenit! Our platform redefines your hiring journey by saving you valuable time. Auto-scheduling ensures seamless interviews, while efficient interview coordination eliminates the hassle.

Interview Automation

Facilitating automated interviews for organizations, optimizing hiring team efficiency, and safeguarding revenue leakage

Interview Insights

Make decisions confidently with our in-depth interview insights from recorded videos and actionable feedback


Tackle Your Hiring Scale & Keep On The Budget!

Facing large-scale hiring challenges? Screenit has the solution. We understand the complexities of recruitment at large scale? Our platform is customized for efficiency and resources to handle high-volume recruitment seamlessly.

Interview Decisions

Large-scale hiring can slow down decision-making. Screenit ensures each interview furnishes the insights needed for informed choices.

Marketplace Interviewer

In just 15 minutes, We uberize interview panels from our marketplace, saving time and boosting hiring efficiency.

Identify Your Emerging and First Team Today

Most of the organization struggle to form first technical team during the early stages or when they diversify. With screenit offerings forming the technical team is the easier and faster way

Technical Assessment

Expert Marketplace Interviewers support comprehensive interviews, facilitating well-informed hiring decisions across diverse skill sets.

Actionable Feedback

Our recorded video interviews and actionable feedback offer comprehensive interview insights for informed decision-making.


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